The scent of wine smells like the land where I was born and where I’m reborn every time I come back. The flavour of wine stays with me all the time. It’s part of life, like breathing. It makes my soul sing and feel closer to people. It makes my love stronger. Wine is in the very core of my body, moving. It’s the source of the notes that cling to a melody. It’s the thrill that reminds you where you come from when you’re in the middle of a field, wherever it might be. Wine is my life.

Gianna Nannini

Gianna Nannini

Gianna Nannini rediscovers an innate passion and her wines are pure rock

Having always being part of the heritage of the Nannini family, a name linked historically to Siena, the Certosa di Belriguardo was built in 1348 by Catholic monks who settled in the area and began producing wine from the 16th century AD.

In 2006, Gianna Nannini, one of greatest, internationally acclaimed Italian rock stars, rediscovered her innate passion for wine. She took over the family estate and, engaging the talents of qualified winemaking experts, made the Certosa di Belriguardo one of the most interesting wineries in the area.

After meeting Oscar Farinetti in 2018, the Certosa became part of the distribution of 100 Fine Italian wines and a new journey began.

Terroir e vigneti

The age-old Certosa stands among the gently rolling Chianti dei Colli Senesi, surrounded by the
most characteristically beautiful Tuscan countryside.

The Certosa di Belriguardo, with its 75 hectares of land, seven of which are cultivated with vineyards, is located seven kilometres from Siena, in the heart of the “Chianti dei Colli Senesi” area.

The estate cultivates mainly Sangiovese, the area’s most representative grape variety, which has always been part of the DNA of these soils. The meticulous attention and care devoted to the vines is possible thanks to the limited extension of the vineyards, which are pruned and harvested entirely by hand.

The estate has abandoned the use of synthetic fertilisers and herbicides and is currently undergoing conversion to organic farming.

  • Area Chianti dei Colli Senesi
  • Extension 75 hectares
  • Planted area 8 hectares

From the vine to the glass

Modern wines with an international flavour, designed for the young and curious

Gianna Nannini’s conviction, energy and professionalism have generated modern wines with an international flavour, capable of offering an original interpretation of a territory with which Gianna feels a strong affinity, but without altering its characteristics. And that territory, with its scents, its aromas and all its explosive strength, is expressed in all of her wines.


Chianti DOCG

  • Grape variety100% Sangiovese.
  • DenominationChianti D.O.C.G.
  • ViewIntense ruby red.
  • SmellStrong scent bouquet of red fruits, sour black cherry and plum.
  • TasteHarmonic with a velvety texture
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Chianti Classico DOCG

  • Grape variety90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot.
  • DenominationChianti Classico D.O.C.G.
  • ViewIntense and deep ruby red
  • SmellFloral notes of violet and red-berry fruits, delicate spicy notes
  • TasteBalanced, dry, velvety, rich in tannins
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Rosso di Clausura

IGT Rosso Toscana

  • Grape variety80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot.
  • DenominationToscano rosso.
  • ViewClear, deep garnet red.
  • SmellVery intense, persistent and excellent.
  • TasteSturdy, balanced, very intense and persistent.
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IGT Rosso Toscano

  • Grape variety80% Sangiovese, 20% Syrah.
  • DenominationToscano Rosso
  • ViewRuby red with slight hints of garnet
  • SmellIntense, loaded with red berry fruits
  • TasteGood body with nicely distributed tannins and a lively nerve that supports it
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Sangiovese IGT Rosso Toscano

  • Grape variety100% Sangiovese.
  • DenominationToscano Rosso
  • ViewDeep ruby red
  • SmellFresh and flowery with scents of violets and red fruits, particularly sour cherries
  • TasteRound with good acidity, persistent and harmonious tannin
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Chiostro di Venere

IGT Rosso Toscana

  • Grape variety 60% Sangiovese, 40% Cabernet.
  • DenominationToscano Rosso
  • ViewBright ruby red
  • SmellIntense, with red berries completed by scents of wood, smooth and pleasant with good body
  • TasteIt has a sweet and tasty finish
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